ARZEDA Receives NSF SBIR Phase I Award

SEATTLE, December 8, 2009 – Arzeda Corp announced that it has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) phase I grant in the amount of $149K for the computational design and experimental validation of an enzyme for the production of butadiene, an important and widely-used chemical intermediate, from plants and plant-derived materials rather than from petroleum.

“The prestige of being recognized by the NSF, in addition to our previously announced collaboration with the Pioneer Hi-Bred Division of DuPont, is terrific validation for our science and technology.” said Michael A. Martino, Arzeda’s President & CEO. “We will utilize this funding to continue to develop proprietary enzymes, bio-molecules that play an important, enabling role in the production of renewable and sustainable products and processes.”

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About Arzeda Corp.:

Arzeda is an emerging, Seattle-based company at the forefront of a new market that integrates green chemistry, computational biology and web-based computing. Specifically, Arzeda creates entirely novel, reaction-specific enzymes, bio-molecules that are essential to the conversion of plant and plant-derived materials to high-value chemicals and fuels, and is positioned for dramatic growth as the world pursues alternatives to petroleum based products and processes. Arzeda’s technology was developed in the lab of David Baker, an internationally recognized biochemist and computational scientist at the University of Washington.  Baker and the three members of his lab who developed the technology and applied it to the design of enzymes cofounded Arzeda in 2008.  In 2009, Arzeda closed a bridge financing with WRF Capital in April, licensed the technology from the UW in June and announced its collaboration with Pioneer in July. Arzeda is focused on becoming the premier business-to-business provider of high-impact, high-value, custom-designed enzymes to partners in the fields of AgBiotech, Green Chemistry, and BioPharma.

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Michael A. Martino
President & CEO
Arzeda Corp
(206) 402-6506