ARZEDA Featured in Microsoft Case Study

SEATTLE, December 3, 2010 – Arzeda has been featured in a Microsoft Case Study to showcase its innovative use of cloud computing for solving challenging computational problem. Arzeda entered into a Microsoft TAP partnership in 2009 to adapt its computing infrastructure to Microsoft Cloud computing architecture, MS Azure.

Arzeda’s software developers have teamed up with MS Azure engineers and delivered a fully functional platform that enable Arzeda to use hundreds of cores on demand and run its proprietary protein design package Arzetta™ with unprecedented flexibility.

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About Arzeda Corp.:

Arzeda is an emerging, Seattle-based company at the forefront of a new market that integrates green chemistry, computational protein design and high-performance cloud computing. Specifically, Arzeda creates novel, reaction-specific enzymes, bio-molecules that are essential to the conversion of plant and plant-derived materials to high-value chemicals and fuels, and is positioned for dramatic growth as the world pursues alternatives to petroleum based products and processes. Arzeda’s technology originated in the lab of David Baker, an internationally recognized biochemist and computational scientist at the University of Washington. Arzeda has licensed the technology and continued its development, resulting in the world leading technology for industrial protein design.

In 2009, Arzeda closed a bridge financing with WRF Capital in April, licensed the technology from the UW in June and announced its collaboration with Pioneer in July.

For its internal development efforts, Arzeda has been awarded three SBIR grants from the National Science Fondation (NSF) and the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA). Arzeda is focused on becoming the premier business-to-business provider of high-impact, high-value, custom-designed enzymes to partners in the fields of AgBiotech and Green Chemistry.


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Arzeda Corp
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