Our Impact

Solving Some of Today’s Hardest Problems Across Industries

At Arzeda, we’re making an impact across industries.

From food to personal care, fashion and pharma, we’re partnering with some of today’s biggest and most forward-thinking companies to create solutions that help address real problems and meet their business goals.

Personal + Homecare

We’re creating new proteins that reduce the carbon footprint and enhance the performance of so many of the household and personal care products we use everyday. Partnering with brands like Unilever, we’re working to create more sustainable laundry detergents that clean clothes better.

The Challenge

Laundry detergents and stain removers were once packed with phosphates and surfactants to remove tough stains. Today, the industry is working to source better ingredients and make products more sustainable, with leading companies like Unilever creating Clean Future commitments – vowing to remove all fossil fuel sources of carbon from the formulations of its products by 2030.

Our Solution

Unilever is partnering with Arzeda to reach its commitment, applying custom-designed enzymes to household brands like Persil, Seventh Generation, Comfort, Sunlight, Surf and more. These enzymes could help create more sustainable products – from being more weight-efficient than alternative types of ingredients, to working in cooler water, to replacing petrochemical derived ingredients.


With the cost of food always a conversation, we’re working to develop food ingredients that can be produced more efficiently – and at a better cost – while addressing long-standing sustainability challenges in some of the foods we all know and love. Working with brands like AAK, we’re accelerating the innovation of sustainably-produced plant-based oils for the food industry – and, we’re working with food companies to create more cost efficient stevia-based sweeteners through our ProSweet Enzymes™.

The Challenge

Stevia, a naturally derived sweetener, has seen increased adoption from both consumers and CPG companies as the demand for better-for-you alternatives to sugar continues to rise due to concerns over obesity and diabetes.

And companies are constantly innovating to address barriers like taste. That’s why suppliers are working on producing greater quantities of steviol glycosides, like rebaudiosides M (RebM) and D (RebD), which taste more like sugar compared to the more common steviol glycoside rebaudioside. However, because less than 1% of a stevia leaf contains these ingredients, producing them creates enormous waste and has cost implications.

Our Solution

Through our proprietary ProSweet Enzymes™, Arzeda has created entirely new enzymes that can produce – at commercial scale – greater quantities of minor stevia glycosides, RebD and RebM. Produced more cost effectively and in a fraction of the time, ProSweet Enzymes™ converts stevia leaf extract into RebD and RebM through biocatalysis.”


We’re developing new proteins that can enhance the durability, functionality and feel of materials – while reducing their environmental impact. In partnership with brands like Gore, we’re leveraging our technology platform to investigate the role proteins can play in the delivery of new classes of materials with superior performance and sustainability attributes.

The Challenge

Consumers want more out of their materials, with demand rising for fabrics that perform better – from sweat-wicking to weatherproof – and are produced more sustainably. Companies are responding to this demand – and challenge – by working to create new solutions while reducing the environmental footprint of their operations and products.

Our Solution

Arzeda is collaborating with W. L Gore & Associates to drive innovation in materials research with designer proteins and deliver a new class of fabric. By optimizing enzymes – which are both bio-based and biodegradable – there’s potential to not only enhance the performance of materials but also reduce waste and resource intensity in manufacturing.


Engineered proteins such as antibody and enzyme replacement therapies are the next frontier in providing customized therapeutics for challenging diseases. Our computational protein design and AI technology platform accelerates the development of biologics to bring life-saving therapies to patients in need even faster.

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