Metabolic Bioengineering

Arzeda_ designer_cell_factory

Arzeda has successfully applied the powers of computational biology and synthetic chemistry into growing nature’s limited source of proteins and enzymes for the biologically based catalysis of targeted synthetic processes. Arzeda has now significantly expanded the principles of computational de novo design from single enzymes towards developing and applying bioengineering tools to create entirely new metabolic pathways from the ground up. By exhaustively implementing endless permutations and algorithms of molecule assembly, Arzeda is rewriting the capabilities of traditional metabolic engineering.

Arzeda’s enzyme design technology is applied in a three-fold fashion: the identification of the most efficient existing enzymes; the design of small mutations to re-engineer enzymes for a needed function; and the design of entirely new enzymes for new biological capacities. Through this combined approach, we are able to exponentially expand the number of useful molecules that can be obtained through traditional fermentation. Arzeda’s tools combine nature’s best enzymes with newly designed ones to yield more flexible bio-based production strategies than have ever been possible with existing technologies.

As Arzeda’s growing molecular toolkit eclipses what can be produced by yeast and bacteria, we are in the process of designing and constructing natural cellular “factories” capable of producing endless combinations of high value molecules. These molecules range from simple substitutions or improvements for existing petrochemical markets to new highly functionalized keystone building blocks for applications and materials with improved properties.