The chemical industry is currently undergoing a major shift towards the adoption of natural chemical manufacturing opportunities, such as enzyme fermentation or rational synthesis in a simple biological host cell. Utilization of these natural environments for bulk synthesis carries two major advantages. One is the limitless manufacture of important universal industrial building blocks such as butanol, isoprene or adipic acid. Another is the potential to create entirely new building block precursors with improved or different properties. And since many of the feedstocks for biologically based fermentation processes are organically-occurring sugars, oils, and other biogases, the end result is an environmentally responsible, sustainable production of industrial chemicals that eliminates the 5% of oil that is produced solely for synthetic chemical industry.

Arzeda Business Model

Arzeda is a biotechnology company that custom designs cell factories for the production of specialty and bulk chemicals. These cell factories are the centerpieces of bioprocesses that allow the production of valuable chemicals in a resource efficient and robust manner. Arzeda is therefore uniquely positioned to revolutionize the way chemicals are produced by the underlying technology that translates a defined industrial need—the synthesis of a particular chemical molecule—into a scalable, industry-ready technology package for the bio-production of that particular molecule.

Arzeda reduces the financial and innovative risks associated with the research and development (R&D) pipeline of novel chemicals and precursors for its industry customers through a tiered process of experimentation, quality control and scale-up. First, Arzeda’s team of scientists design custom synthetic models, and subsequently implements bio-pathways and assays for industry-scale synthesis. Second, we test and quality control the fermentation process to ensure that it meets the required constraints for profitable industrial processes and, more importantly, products.