Arzeda, the Protein Design Company™, Announces Collaboration with Takeda to Accelerate Protein Biologics Optimization

SEATTLE, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Arzeda, the industry-leading Protein Design Company™, announced a collaboration with Takeda aimed at deploying AI-based protein design to optimize the properties of protein biologics.

The collaboration will allow Takeda to leverage Arzeda’s Intelligent Protein Design Technology™, which has the potential to accelerate the optimization of proteins that can be incorporated into therapeutic products. Applying the latest advances in digital biology, using computational design and machine learning algorithms, the collaboration will aim to help improve therapeutic proteins in Takeda’s research pipeline.

“Arzeda is thrilled to collaborate with a global pharmaceutical company like Takeda to apply our AI-based protein design platform in this rapidly growing industry that stands to help address some of the significant challenges associated with drug development that could lead to transformative therapies for patients,” said Alexandre Zanghellini, Ph.D., CEO of Arzeda. “Takeda is a leader in the biopharmaceutical space, and we look forward to the ways in which this collaboration will enable our companies to build on each of our unique areas of expertise.”

About Arzeda

Arzeda harnesses the power of Intelligent Protein Design Technology™ – combining physics-based protein design and AI algorithms – to create and manufacture new designer proteins and enzymes that enhance our lives and protect our planet. In partnership with Fortune 500 companies and industrial leaders, we develop healthy and sustainable products for the food & nutrition, advanced materials, and diagnostics & pharma industries globally – delivering on the promise of biotechnology. For more information, please visit

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