Arzeda Agreement with Stratos Genomics for Novel Enzyme Development

Arzeda will help further develop Stratos’ “Sequencing by Design” technology for rapid single molecule DNA sequencing

SEATTLE, November 11, 2015 – Biotechnology company Arzeda announced today an Agreement with Stratos Genomics to assist development of novel enzymes supporting Stratos’ DNA sequencing technology.

Under the agreement, Arzeda will use its best-in-class enzyme engineering and pathway design technologies to complement Stratos Genomics’ protein engineering efforts with the goal to design enhanced enzymes for Stratos’ innovative “Sequencing by Expansion” (SBX) technology. Stratos Genomics technology will enable rapid single molecule DNA sequencing that will revolutionize how sequencing is performed in the future. The enzymes used to catalyze the SBX chemistry play a critical role in the process.

Building upon decades of proprietary and academic research, Arzeda has developed leading industrial computational protein design software, which is trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Using this software, Arzeda rapidly searches through the immense sequence space available to find solutions not reachable with traditional techniques. This technology also allows for the rapid screening of natural diversity to find and engineer enzymes exhibiting all factors necessary for industrial success.

“We are happy to be selected to aid Stratos’ development activities,” said Alexandre Zanghellini, Arzeda’s co-founder and CEO. “Our goal is to utilize our unique knowledge and tools to increase their enzyme efficiency”.

“We have long recognized Arzeda’s depth of experience and unique design capabilities and value how they extend our development effort,” said Stratos Genomics President and Chief Science Officer Mark Kokoris. “DNA sequencing has the power to solve many of the world’s most challenging health problems.  Working with Arzeda we hope to unleash the potential of the SBX technology to dramatically improve how DNA sequencing is performed.”

About Arzeda
Arzeda, a Seattle-based synthetic biology company, is transforming the chemical and industrial biotechnology industries to make a sustainable future.  Arzeda’s enzyme and pathway design technology enables the design of enzymes and fermentation organisms unknown in Nature but tailored to industrial processes.  Through successful partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and industrial leaders, Arzeda has validated its technology and created significant value for its customers.  Arzeda continues to engage in industrial partnerships in the fields of green chemistry, agricultural biotech and industrial enzymes. The company is also developing a proprietary portfolio of fine and specialty chemicals that are sustainable, cost-advantageous, and performance-improved over their petroleum-derived counterparts. 

About Stratos Genomics
Stratos Genomics’ goal is to establish the next gold standard of DNA sequencing with its flagship ‘Sequencing by Expansion’ (SBX™) method. SBX is a simple, elegant, single-molecule detection process that circumvents the limitations of competing technologies, allowing accurate, ultra-low-cost whole genome sequencing.


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